Our Mother ( a mushy love poem)

The night arrives
replete with lustful languor
slowly, creeping darkness overtakes
and the day is gone
Gone the car horns, and deadlines,
cash registers and harsh words gone.
All gone… …
The insane spinning stops
Beneath our feet the momentum still rumbles
But we stand still
We hear the waning moans of the day
Alone- the darkness
soothingly, caressingly envelopes us
Shoulders sink; a deep communal sigh
Darkness, our mother
These walls her womb
You cease, I cease
We exist
In her darkness
goodness prevails
in her arms we lie
her fingers in our hair
Alone-together-she makes us one
She kisses our forehead
and in her arms we drift to Eden
Dreams our rulers
and in our sleep she leaves,
her tracks sprinkled with promise
We wake in peace
our hug, a reminder that she’ll return
We leave, alone
her promise, our smile
We go through the day alone
We do it again
We do it for her-our mother
her promise- our darkness


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